Masters in finance

The choice of what to study in college or university is often far more critical to our business and personal development than to what we are going to learn and train in the years of studying. This is why the process of choosing the right specialty should be a very well informed one with all pros and cons of different specialties taken into account. Only then it is possible to make the right decision, which to give us all the options for maximum conversion of our efforts.

When we talk about finances and their management, we can compare the Master of Finance and Master in Business Administration degrees, offered by a number of well-known universities and colleges. Both courses offer a basic understanding of money and its functions as a medium of exchange, as a store of value, and as a unit of account. However, there is an essential difference in the depth of education. While Master of Finance focuses on the theory and understanding of working with money, the Master in Business Administration educational course is set to more practical business topics that will help us manage successful businesses in different areas.

The education and the diploma of Master of Finance will make you a narrow specialist and give you a clear understanding of what money is and how to react in certain situations. Understanding the functions of money and what signs will lead to one or another situation. The education of Master in Business Administration will teach you how to work with people and to take advantage of market niches and many different business opportunities.

Since both subjects are crucial to the financial sector, it often happens that they both are the subject of interest from students. By having them in their hand, a student gets better opportunity for practical implementation, as a worker or as a head of their own business. This education gives a better opportunity to learn about the practical realization of money and all the theory needed to understand certain important business financial situations.

Therefore, many universities offer joint programs covering both aspects of training. The received diploma is for a Master of Finance and Business Administration and it is an excellent alternative for covering all aspects of financial education.

International finance corporation

There aren’t so many good opportunities for paid internship as the proposal coming from the International finance corporation. Each year, the institution as a member of the World Bank Group attracts about 40 interns to work in one of its offices. Basically the internships take place at the headquarters of the International finance corporation, which is located in Washington, but sometimes trainees are sent in the other offices around the world.

It is clear that an internship in the International finance corporation is given only to the best candidates. Tens of thousands of people apply for these forty places because the best of them immediately get jobs in the organization, and also the mere presence of the name of the International finance corporation in the CV opens many doors.

What is the International finance corporation and why is their proposal so important for anyone working in the financial sector? As a part of the World Bank, the International finance corporation is managed by the countries – members of the Bank. However, to perform its functions the International finance corporation has its own independent management, which decides where to conduct its operations. The International finance corporation works by helping the investment environment in underdeveloped or experiencing a serious downturn countries.

Exactly the International finance corporation made the serious steps to tackle with the World crisis of 2008 by lending billions of dollars to move the economy of the countries hit hardest by the crisis or that could help global economy to recover from the collapse.

Only those words show what kind of experience a trainee can get at the International finance corporation. They would work with people dealing with millions and billions of dollars or simply said IFC is the place where the financial decisions are made by the best in the world.

So if you decide that you are one of them and you can gain experience in International finance corporation, then apply on the website of the World Bank. You would hardly regret it whatever happens.

Google finance API

Recently one of the main methods used on the Internet to get stock data about different companies, markets and everything related to finance was Google finance API. However, in October, 2012 Google decided to stop this service and their main explanation was that they provide far more convenient services to collect financial information than Google finance API. Their motives were mostly related to easier access to information and the elimination of the need to write code to take it. According to Google the using of Google finance API is too complicated for consumers to obtain the necessary data and so they moved to another variant related with their additional services.

There is no doubt that Google finance API was not the easiest thing to use and to take the whole advantage of it you often needed the help of a specialist. But what was a great advantage of Google finance API was the ability of the individual providing of specific financial information, something that with the new services offered by Google it is impossible to achieve. Now the user is too dependent on Google and their perception of what is important and what is not.

That’s why people are relocated to other similar services; with the most frequently offered option by Yahoo. The problem with Yahoo finance API is that the service provides mainly news from various companies related to exchanges around the world and not as graphically represented information that was the basis for Google finance API.

However, the empty gap was quickly filled by some smaller companies which within a few days managed to attract many new customers. Such companies and the newly offered options are Xignite and FinancialContent.

So if you need a new source of financial information and have been a regular user of Google finance API, you can lean back and spend a few hours in studying some new products which flooded the market offering a solution for the withdrawal of Google for this option for information. Soon with a handy graphical vision you will find what you are looking for and you will forgive Google about their decision to remove Google finance API.